Bitsy Sniffs Out a Mystery


The radio played a country song as Shelbee drove to the Peaceful Dreams Bed and Breakfast with Samuel and Bitsy. She was meeting Jac there.
Shelbee looked over at Bitsy, who sat watching the scenery out the windshield. She checked in the rearview mirror where Samuel stretched out across the back seat, sleeping.
She pulled into the bed and breakfast drive, cut the engine, and got out, letting Bitsy hop down after her. She opened the back door for Samuel to step out and slammed the doors. She walked across the yard to the Innsman’s.
Samuel followed her, but Bitsy trotted to the bushes at the back of the yard. Shelbee knew the little Pom was looking for the rabbit that lived there.
Bitsy sniffed at the bottom of the bush, searching for the rabbit her nose indicated had been here recently. So far, no sign of the rabbit. She sat down and looked back at the inn. Samuel lay on his back on the porch, getting a belly rub from Patricia Innsman. His tongue hung out in bliss. Henry, the Innsman’s basset hound, awaited his turn for a belly rub at Patricia’s feet. Shelbee was standing a few feet away from Patricia, talking to William Innsman and Jac.
Bitsy stood up, thinking she would go back over to her mom when a new scent wafted on the air. She raised her nose and sniffed deeply.
She’d never encountered it before.
It was musky.
While Bitsy put her nose to the ground and trailed the scent, William told Shelbee about the news he’d heard on the TV that morning.
“A black bear escaped from the zoo in Carlton. The police want everyone to be on the lookout and take precautions. Of course, that’s 50 miles away.”
Patricia raised her head. “The animals must be on strike today. Ben Lake, you remember him, don’t you, Jac?”
“Of course.” She turned to Shelbee and explained, “He’s the farmer that brings the fresh produce for the inn.”
“He called me to let me know that Billy is out again,” Patricia said.
“Who’s Billy?” Shelbee asked.
“Ben’s goat,” William said with a laugh.
“Yip! Yip!” Bitsy danced in front of the bushes, backing up. The bushes’ leaves rattled and shook.
Samuel jumped up and ran to Bitsy’s side. “Ruff! Ruff!”
“Woo! Woo!” Henry lumbered to catch up.
“Now, what are they barking about?” Shelbee said as she and the others followed.

What animal has Bitsy scented? Should we be worried for Bitsy’s safety?


Mini Mystery Answer


Copyright February 2021 Sandra Baublitz