Sandra Baublitz

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Tails, Tuxedos, and Trouble



With this paw, I thee wed.

When Clarissa Hayes’s friend Shelbee asks for her help planning a doggy wedding, Clarissa jumps to make it a memorable day. But things take a turn when her mischievous Saint Bernard, Paw, sniffs out a mystery at the mall.

Clarissa is too focused on the wedding to pay attention to Paw’s warning signs. Will Paw guide Clarissa to the truth before it’s too late? And with the wedding fast approaching, will the bride and groom say “I do,” or will canine chaos reign supreme?

Join Clarissa and her furry friends on a thrilling adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end!



A Dog Detective Series Books 1-3






Mastiffs, Mystery, & Murder

Bassets and Blackmail

Canines and Crime


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Previous Novel in Series:

Dogs, Dalliances, and Death


The adorable duo is back!


Paw, canine detective, sniffs out a dead man in the shop fridge of Jac Weldon, his owner's friend. Worse, Jac's dad knew the man from his past.

Now it's up to his owner, Clarissa, to save her friend's dad from a murder charge. With Paw sniffing out the clues, the trail leads from the local garden center to the town's award-winning vineyard to a neighboring diner.

Could it be the playboy vintner? One of his friends? Or is it local realtor Tammy Williams, a suspect in one of Clarissa's former cases?

With this pair nosing into things, anything can happen. Even murder.


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Here's the first novel if you missed it:

Mystery, Mastiffs, and Murder

A Dog Detective Series Novel

(New Cover too!)

It’s murder at the dog show!
When amateur sleuth Clarissa Hayes and her trusty Saint Bernard, Paw, enter a dog show, they expect to find dogs, blue ribbons, and trophies. Not dead bodies.
Clarissa’s boyfriend is tracking a suspect in the death of a dog fancier. It’s up to Clarissa and Paw to provide him cover as they compete in the show.
But the competition turns deadly when another dog owner is murdered. Are the deaths connected? Clarissa and Paw must sniff out the clues to solve the crime before the killer collars them.
Will Best in Show become Best in Death?