About Author

I have always loved animals. At an early age I wrote a story about my pet dog, Buffy, for Grit magazine. I had been writing off and on over the remaining years. Life seems to work that way. A few years ago I began writing for BellaOnline, the online women’s magazine. There I write on investing and home finance.
I love mysteries – reading them and writing them. Mysteries are just so much fun to write. My Dog Detective Series has a lovable Saint Bernard as a detective. I always wanted one but never managed to own a Saint Bernard. They seem to be such loving and kind creatures. Paw was inspired by the movie, Beethoven. The first story started out as a contest entry. Sadly, it didn’t win and the story sat for many years until I dusted it off, edited it, and published it.
Having done many jobs over the years has helped to enrich my writing. I have been a bookkeeper, worked at a greenhouse, and raised and sold produce, among other jobs. Writing is my first love though.
I enjoy reading a variety of books but mysteries and romances are my favorites. I love Kate Noble’s romance books and Steve Hockensmith’s Big Red and Old Red mystery books. My two cats, Socky and Miss Kitty, are always around to help me with my writing. Sometimes they are too helpful.
Yoga and gardening are two other activities I love to do. Walking in nature is another favorite. Who knows, these topics may come up in future books?
Anyway, thank you for visiting my website. You can reach me through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.
Have a great day and enjoy reading!